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Supplier Terms and Conditions

Approved by: Benton Hood
Rev. A, 11/18/2019
Acceptance of a MITCO purchase order signifies acceptance of these terms and


MITCO shall send any required specifications for supplier-provided products and
services at or before the purchase date.


Supplier shall ensure that products and services delivered to MITCO meet MITCO’s
communicated requirements. MITCO reserves the right to reject products and
services that do not meet requirements.


     Supplier shall ensure that their methods, processes, and equipment can
     produce products and services meeting MITCO’s communicated requirements
     before accepting any orders.


     Supplier shall ensure that adequate checks are in place to ensure that
     products and services released to MITCO conform to MITCO’s communicated
     requirements. MITCO reserves the right to designate test, inspection, and
     acceptance criteria to be applied by Supplier before release of products and


Supplier shall ensure that all processes are carried out by qualified personnel.
MITCO reserves the right to specify required competencies for key process


Supplier shall communicate with MITCO through the buyer listed on the purchase
order, through MITCO’s Quality Department as required, or through other personnel
designated by MITCO.


MITCO reserves the right to designate test, inspection, and acceptance
requirements to be performed at MITCO before acceptance of products and
services. These may include on-time-delivery requirements, inspections, or other
criteria as required by MITCO.


MITCO reserves the right to perform verification and validation activities at
Supplier’s facilities.

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